Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions about the services provided by ListCleanup. If you need further information, please click a link below to email support staff or give us a call.

+ How do I contact ListCleanup?

Our Staff at ListCleanup can be contacted via phone at (855) 631-5050
Via email at,
For pricing inquiries please contact

+ How do I place an order with ListCleanup?

Start by navigating to the Place an Order tab of the website. The order steps are as follows:

  1. Select desired service.
  2. Select end user or List Owner from selection.
  3. Select format of file you wish to upload.
  4. Upload the file.
  5. Verify the mapping of columns within your file.
  6. Select or add current billing.
  7. Verify your order information is correct and submit!

    (Most services cannot be ordered at the same time. If you wish to order more than one or have questions, please contact Customer Support)

+ What if I forgot my password?

If you are unable to log in due to a forgotten password, there is a “Forgot Password” link that can be used in the log in window.
If you are still unable to log in, please contact Customer Support so that we may assist.

+ What types of files does ListCleanup accept?

We can process files in the following formats:
Delimited (comma, tab, bar, custom)
Fixed Length (layout file required)

+ I have an Excel file, how do I convert it to comma delimited (.csv)?

In Excel, simply save as and choose .csv from the drop down menu located next to “Save as type:”

+ What steps are required before order processing begins?

Before an order can be placed, please create an account using the Create Account option in the top right corner on the website. Depending on the service you select, there may be additional paperwork that has to be completed before your order can process.

+ Can I upload multiple files under one order?

Unfortunately no, we can only process one file per order.

+ I got an error message while placing an order, what should I do?

Please contact for further instruction. Or, you may receive an email from the same address notifying you the error has been resolved and your order has resumed processing.

+ How do I pay for my order?

To complete your order, we must have a credit card on file, which can be added during the ordering process. Once your order is completed, your card will be charged 5-7 business days after, and you will receive an invoice via email.

+ How do I cancel my order?

If an order is submitted by mistake, please reach out via phone or email ASAP. Most services are processed automatically, therefore the sooner we can be notified of the cancellation the better.

+ How do I know when my order is complete?

When your order is complete, you will receive an email notification indicating that your file is finished and ready for download.

+ What type of format will my file be returned in?

Your file will be returned in the same format as it was submitted in.

+ How long will my file be available for retrieval after the order has completed?

7 business days.

+ Can I FTP my file to you?

The preferred method to get ListCleanup your file is through the online ordering process. That way the file is automatically associated with your account and billing information, helping to avoid billing or processing errors.

+ Why can't I just email my file to you?

For the security of your customers and their information, we request files be uploaded via the online ordering process.

+ Why is the NCOA Acknowledgment Form so critical for my list?

In order to access the NCOA database, the USPS requires an updated Processing Acknowledgement Form to be on file and renewed annually.

+ What if my file contains foreign addresses?

Unfortunately we are unable to process foreign addresses with the exception of our CNCOA process for Canadian addresses. As some services are billed based on records submitted, it’s best practice to remove international addresses from your list to save costs.