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Consumer Data Append
How much do you know about your current customers? Utilizing a national consumer database of over 200 million records, we can match your customer list to a wide range of demographic, behavioral and psychographic elements. There are over 100 choices ranging from the most common; age, income, ethnicity, occupation, marital status, etc to more specific selects; political affiliation, hobbies, purchase history. You will then be able to target your products and services to your client’s profile. The insights will also determine what your best clients looks like, and allow you to acquire prospect leads with similar profiles. The end result will be an increase in your response rates!

Turnaround 3-4 Days
Minimum $250

* A completed Release Letter is required for certain selects.
  • * Age - Exact DOB
  • * Age - Head of Household Range
  • * Children Present
  • Active Bankcard Owner (Y/N indicator)
  • Age of Home
  • Child Age/Gender
  • Contributors Flag
  • Current Home Value (estimated)
  • Dwelling Type (MFDU/SFDU)
  • Education Code
  • Ethnicity
  • Female Occupation Codes
  • Home Equity (estimated)
  • Home Loan Amount
  • Home Loan Type
  • Home Sale Price
  • Homeowner/Renter Indicator
  • Household Income (estimated)
  • Household Member Religion
  • Length of Residence
  • Mail Order Buyer
  • Male Occupation Codes
  • Marital Status
  • Mortgage Balance Code
  • Number of Adults in Household
  • Primary Household Language Spoken
  • Wealthfinder (Affluence Model Net Worth Score)
  • Year Home Built

Consumer Data Append: Layout of Data Appended
Business Data Append

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